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Joannes “Joe” Hotagua Jr


I have worked in the Internet Ad Technology space for 7 plus years in a variety of areas including Display Sales, Direct Response, Sell Side Technology and now Mobile. I have also been an Internet Marketing entrepreneur for over 5 years. My unique experience gives me unprecedented insight into navigating the complex Media landscape.

My most recent experience has demonstrated that I have the ability to maximize yield by effectively giving guidance on how to incorporate all of the major high impact demand partners. I regularly produce trending reports and competitive analyses to be used in development of sales strategy and positioning. Because of this, we were able to increase demand partner share of voice 120% in just under 8 months.

In my role as an Independent Business Development Consultant I was instrumental in growing the client database from 27 to over 194. By the end of my tenure, I was responsible for 82% of total client revenue. During this time, I grew my Facebook fan-page followers to over 1,300 people in 12 months and gained over 2,000 subscribers to my newsletter aimed at Home Based Business owners.

Prior to that, I was responsible for managing and growing a book of business with 80 accounts and over $3 million per month in revenue. As a result of this success, I was promoted within 6 months and tasked with taking over all Affiliate Network business from an newly acquired company. I managed to grow revenue from $300,000 to $890,000 in 7 months, and exceeding company quotas 5 consecutive quarters.

I am confident that my diverse work history and entrepreneurial background, will help you achieve your objectives marketing online. It would be my pleasure to discuss your needs and how I can contribute to your success.